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The Official Bootleg Series Volume Three

an Official Booleg release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2019

Date Label Catalog # Comments
31 May 2019 EREACD41039 4xCD

This volume features recordings made at the Ford Auditorium in Detroit, USA in March 1977 and at the Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia in February 1982 and contains over four hours of music 

The concert in Detroit has gone down in Tangerine Dream history as a legendary event. The music performed by Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann featured Froese’s extensive use of electric guitar in a truly blistering set. The concert at the Regent Theatre in Sydney is from the next stage of Tangerine Dream’s career, featuring a line-up of Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Johannes Schmoelling and provides another excellent example of the excellence of Tangerine Dream on stage.

This official 4CD clamshell boxed set has been remastered from the best available sources and includes an illustrated booklet with an essay.

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CD 1: The Ford Auditorium, Detroit 31St March 1977

  1. Cherokee Lane
  2. Monolight
  3. The Emerald Beyond

CD 2: The Ford Auditorium, Detroit 31St March 1977

  1. Patterns In The Ivy
  2. Face Of The Earth
  3. Conjuration
  4. Signals From Above

CD 3: The Regent Theatre, Sydney 22Nd February 1982

  1. Convention Of The 24
  2. White Eagle
  3. Ayers Majestic
  4. Logos
  5. Bondi Parade

CD 4: The Regent Theatre, Sydney 22Nd February 1982

  1. Mojave Plan
  2. Thermal Inversion
  3. Force Majeure
  4. Choronzon
  5. Midnight In Tula

Edgar Froese

Christopher Franke

Peter Baumann (CD 1 & 2)

Johannes Schmoelling (CD 3 & 4)

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