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In / Out

a Studio release
Fabio Zuffanti

Release Year: 2019

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05 Apr 2019 AMS CD, LP, Digital

All in nine tracks that deal with the confusion that reigns in the current times in terms of feelings, too many stimuli that we receive every day, the fear of losing opportunities in a world that every day gives us the opportunity to have everything at hand but not grab nothing.

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  1. Ascoltate attentamente perché sono cambiate le nostre opzioni
  2. Fase Uno
  3. Gli Inconsolabili
  4. In/Out
  5. Violenza Domestica
  6. I/O Coda
  7. Se Ci Sei
  8. In-Quieti
  9. Frantumazione

Fabio Zuffanti
bass, composer

Fabio Cinti

Livio Magnini

Nicola Manzan

Paolo Tixi

Giovanni Pastorino