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The Time Has Arrived

a Cassette release
Final Conflict

Release Year: 1987

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1987 MC Futuresound Records FS 002 Cassette
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  1. The Time Has Arrived
  2. Tomarbriand
  3. The Following
  4. No Way Out
  5. Pictures Of Sanity
  6. The Janus
  7. Watchers And Listeners
  8. Castle Of Themar
  9. The Wizard Of Sound
  10. Calm Before The Storm
  11. The Final Conflict
  12. Oblivion/Channel 8 Reprise

Andy Lawton
guitar, keyboards, vocals

Brian Donkin
guitar, vocals

Mark Price
keyboards, voice

Tony Moore
bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals

Arny Wheatley
drums, percussion