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Capricorn: Top of The Mountain

a Studio release
Jay Tausig

Release Year: 2013

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2013 Digital
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/31/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 1/1/2019 8:59:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Top of The Mountain
  2. Sea of Tranquility
  3. Higher Altitudes
  4. Saturn's patien Servant
  5. Panorama
  6. Tripping Up The Mountain
  7. Amalthea
  8. Yang Ching
  9. Highest Peaks and Wonderous Vision
  10. Dicipline
  11. Seeing is Believing

Jay Tausig
All Instruments

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