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Acceleration Theory

a Studio release
In Continuum

Release Year: 2019

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Jan 2019 Digital

Acceleration Theory is a concept album containing material that Kerzner had originally envisioned for the second Sound Of Contact album, which was shelved following the departures of Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom

Kerzner describes the record as “interstellar love story” and adds: “Years ago, I had a sci-fi movie script called Acceleration Theory that explained why, after millions of years of man on Earth, we got this sudden technological revolution in the 20th century. I blended that story with ideas I had contributed to a potential Sound Of Contact album about a female alien who falls in love with an Earth man.”

The results are said to have a “cinematic feel” with a “rich science fiction story told through both the lyrics and dramatic instrumental music.”

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  1. Acceleration Theory
  2. Crashing Landing
  3. I Remember
  4. Two Moons Setting With The Sun
  5. Scavengers
  6. Be The Light
  7. Hands Of Time
  8. Racing Through The Past
  9. AlienA
  10. Meant To Be
  11. Man Unkind
  12. Banished

Dave Kerzner
Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar

Gabriel Agudo
Lead Vocals

Randy McStine
Guitar, Vocals

Matt Dorsey
Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Marco Minnemann


Nick D'Virgilio: Drums
John Wesley: Guitar
Fernando Perdomo: Guitar
Leticia Wolf: Vocals (9)
Jon Davison: Vocals (10)
Steve Hackett: Guitar (2)
Steve Rothery: Guitar (6)