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The Light and The Dark...

a Studio release
Kenny Mitchell

Release Year: 2018

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22 May 2018 Digital
Kenny MItchell writes:

When Nathan wrote me the lyrics for "Where do I go" he based them loosely on the story of the Charlotte Dymond murder which occurred on Bodmin Moor in 1844 and for which her spurned lover Matthew Weeks was convicted and hanged in August of that year. There was some controversy and speculation surrounding the conviction which is still discussed and debated today, more than 170 years later...

Nathans lyrics were so powerful and effective for the song that I decided to likewise loosely arrange this entire album around Charlotte and her story, and especially to try to give her a happy ending of some sort, if only an imaginary one.

'Charlottes Journey' describes her re-awakening after death and her travels through the void towards the shining light in the distance.
'Where Do I go' tells the story of her murder.
'Reflections' and 'The Waterfall' are given over to her killer who after the trial and conviction is given a short time to reflect on his deeds and his fate.

The Youtube mixes for "Reflections" and "Charlottes Journey" are included as bonus tracks with the download along with the links to the actual videos on Youtube. The video versions are slightly different in musical content from the album tracks, being partial re-recordings.

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  1. Charlottes Journey 24:07
  2. Where do I go... - 6:12
  3. Reflections... 21:10
  4. The Waterfall... - 7:20

Kenny Mitchel


Nathan Jon Tillett: Lyrics and Vocal performance (2,4)