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a Studio release
The Red Masque

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
23 Oct 2018 CD, Digital

All songs written by the Red Masque except “Fathomless”,
which was written by The Red Masque and Glenn Kuchenbeiser.
String arrangement on “Fathomless” and “Malum” written by Jim Harris
Lyrics by Lynnette Shelley
Produced by Mark J. Montoro and The Red Masque at Philly Jam Recording, Philadelphia, PA

All songs recorded at Philly Jam Recording by Engineer Mark J. Montoro and Assistant Engineer Josh Neill, except “Silver Scales” was recorded and engineered by Jim Harris at Aleo Studios, Lansdowne, PA and mixed by Mark J. Montoro at Philly Jam Recording. 

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  1. Sand and Sea - 3:55
  2. Where Once Were Rivers - 6:50
  3. The Shallows 10:28
  4. Fathomless - 9:23
  5. Silver Scales (Live) - 7:56
  6. Serpentine - 2:57
  7. Malum - 9:09
  8. Fearless - 0:57

Brandon Lord Ros
bass, keyboards, vocals

Lynnette Shelley

Jim Harris
drums, percussion, vocals

David Carle
guitars, vocals


Alice Marie: violin & viola (2-4,6,7)
Scott Weingarten: additional guitars (7)
James Tunnicliffe: violin (5)