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At The Edge Of Light

a Studio release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2019

Date Label Catalog # Comments
25 Jan 2019 CD, CD+DVD, LP, Digital
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 10/28/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 2/12/2019 5:56:00 PM by: Marc


  1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals - 2:16
  2. Beasts In Our Time - 6:21
  3. Under The Eye Of The Sun - 7:07
  4. Underground Railroad - 6:23
  5. Those Golden Wings - 11:20
  6. Shadow And Flame - 4:24
  7. Hungry Years - 4:34
  8. Descent - 4:21
  9. Conflict - 2:37
  10. Peace - 5:02

DVD 5.1 Audio:

  1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals - 2:16
  2. Beasts In Our Time - 6:22
  3. Under The Eye Of The Sun - 7:06
  4. Underground Railroad - 6:21
  5. Those Golden Wings - 11:22
  6. Shadow And Flame - 4:24
  7. Hungry Years - 4:35
  8. Descent - 4:20
  9. Conflict - 2:36
  10. Peace - 5:03
  • Somewhere at The Edge of Light (documentary) - 20:31

Steve Hackett
guitars, vocals


Durga McBroom: vocals
Loreley McBroom: vocals
Nick D'Virgilio: drums
Simon Phillips: drums
Sheema: sitar
Gulli Briem: drums, percussion
Malik Mansurov: tar
Jonas Reingold: bass
Paul Stillwell: didgeridoo
Rob Townsend: sax, bass clarinet, duduk
Amanda Lehmann: vocals
John Hackett: flute
Gary O'Toole: drums
Roger King: keyboards
Ben Fenner: keyboards
Dick Driver: double bass
Christine Townsend: violin, viola

Reviewed by Marc on 12 Feb 2019

Since the start of the new millenium, Steve Hackett has put out many excellent albums (this after a less prolific decade in the nineties). Two years ago we got In The Night Siren that had a large number of very good tracks, but was perhaps a bit varied in style to be considered a great Hackett album.

Two years later At The Edge Of Light has all the qualities his predescessor had (and more), and is much more focused. Because of that I would put this album in the Top 5 of Hackett's studio albums. Considering the number of records he has put out, and the fact he is now in his late sixties, this is saying a lot. In some ways At The Edge Of Light reminds me of Please Don't Touch, my favorite Steve Hackett album ever.

Certainly an early contender for my prog album of 2019.

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