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Elephant Live

a Live release
Roz Vitalis

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
09 Oct 2018 Digital

Elephant Live is Roz Vitalis's album recorded in Saint Petersburg and Narva in 2018 and includes the band's new drummer, Evgeny Trefilov. This recording reflects also first experience of collaboration with famous avant-garde saxophone player Ilya Belorukov.

The album consists of 7 tracks: 4 tracks are versions of compositions from the latest studio album “The Hidden Man of the Heart” – released by Lizard Records.(Italy) – and 3 tracks are brand new compositions.

Tracks 1-5 Recorded at “SlonDoNeba” club (Saint Petersburg) 23 May 2018 by Nikolay Maslov at Babooinumfest
Tracks 6 & 7 Recorded at Art-Club Ro-Ro (Narva) 8 Sep 2018 by Anton Kolpakov 

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Entry Last Updated on: 10/18/2018 4:23:00 AM by: Marc
  1. Too Late Awakening (Daybreaking Version) - 7:53
  2. Passing Over - :15
  3. Bait of Success - 4:40
  4. Premonition - 8:53
  5. Psalm 6 - 7:28
  6. Jungle Waltz - 5:11
  7. The Hidden Man of the Heart - 4:47

Ivan Rozmainsky

Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky ("Energoslon")

Ruslan Kirillov
bass guitar

Evgeny Trefilov


lya Belorukov: alto saxophone (1-5)
Leonid Perevalov: clarinet and bass clarinet (6,7)

Reviewed by Marc on 18 Oct 2018

Fans of Roz Vitalis should really enjoy their new live album Elephant Live.

The record features 4 tracks from their latest studio album and three new ones that are just as good. The band features a new drummer that spices up their sound in this live setting, and they added a saxophone player Ilya Belorukov that adds some avant-garde jazz flavours to their music. David Jackson fans (i.e. Van Der Graaf Generator) should really enjoy his contribution.

Roz Vitaliz' music remains melodic classic prog and Camel/Happy The Man influences are present all over this very good album. The concert recording is excellent and the band is in top form.

Recommended indeed!