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Blue Rain

a Studio release
Cary Heuchert

Release Year: 2015

Date Label Catalog # Comments
29 Nov 2014 Oddiyo Records ODCD-02 CD (remastered with additional track)
21 Nov 2017 Oddiyo Records ODCD-02R CD, Digital
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/4/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 5/13/2018 2:21:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Blue Rain - 3:20
  2. Every Morning Comes - 2:58
  3. The Girl of Dreams - 3:23
  4. Rainfall - 3:56
  5. Winterlude - 3:23
  6. Not Just Another Day - 6:21
  7. Maoershan - 2:21
  8. Lost in Your Dream - 3:05
  9. Someday - 3:17
  10. Ode to the Sun - 4:29
2017 Remastered Reissue:
  1. Mirror of Dreams / Nightbreak - 5:33

Cary L. Heuchert

Reviewed by Marc on 13 May 2018

Canadian Cary Heuchert's most recent album is Blue Rain (2015) but it has been reissued (and remastered) in 2017, with an extra track that ends perfectly this very good record.

Heuchert's music is vey much influenced by the late 60's early 70's psych/folk/prog music in a singer/songwriter style. Many of the songs are in the ''voice, acoustic guitar, bass and discreet drums (or percussions)'' format. Some vintage sounding keyboards (mellotron?) are also in evidence on a number of tracks.

Heuchert is a very good musician and singer. His voice has hints of a young David Gilmour or Pye Hastings. His main strenght is his songwriting. Early Pink Floyd does come to mind, John Lennon (i.e. ''I'm so Tired'') and even Leonard Cohen (circa Songs from a Room) are acceptable references. The title track even makes me thing of French Canadian superstar Roch Voisine's biggest hit: ''Hélène'', but without the pop chorus.

I don't think that Cary Heuchert will attract many Justin Bieber fans with Blue Rain, but those that enjoy late sixties folk/psych songs should really give this guy a try. Recommended.