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Back Through The Liquid Mirror

a Studio release
Corde Oblique (Riccardo Prencipe)

Release Year: 2018

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06 Apr 2018 Digital

Recorded and Mixed by Massimo Aluzzi at Splash Studio (Naples)
Assistant: Andrea Cutillo
Mastering by Salvio Vassallo

The core concept of the album is about going back to the past of the band, while exploring new feelings. The energy of a live performance is recorded with the same high quality of a studio album, and maintains the power of a live show.
This release includes songs that have been performed by the band in a completely different way, after several years, in a much more powerful and dynamic way than the studio version.
The best songs of the band have been 100% audio and video recorded live, at the Splash Studios in Naples.
In addition to the mastermind of the band, Riccardo Prencipe, the album also features members from Ashram and Argine.
Released in European and Chinese editions. 

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  1. Arpe di vento - 5:06
  2. Flying - 7:17
  3. Venti di sale - 5:11
  4. Papavero e memoria - 3:26
  5. Averno - 5:18
  6. Le pietre di Napoli - 5:07
  7. My pure amethyst - 5:00
  8. Suono su tela - 4:25
  9. Blubosforo - 4:13
  10. Cantastorie - 4:01
  11. Kaiowas - 4:07

Riccardo Prencipe
classical, acoustic and electric guitars

Annalisa Madonna

Edo Notarloberti

Umberto Lepore

Alessio Sica

Luigi Rubino