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a Live release
The Strawbs

Release Year: 2006

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2006 Witchwood Media WMCD2013 CD
2013 Air Mail Archive AIRAC-5008 CD (Remastered)

Recollection is a live album by Strawbs. The tracks were recorded in 1970 on a tour supporting Roy Harper just prior to the concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (the recordings from this concert were released as the album Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios).

This incarnation of the band had only rehearsed together for a couple of weeks. The recording is the first made with Rick Wakeman, John Ford and Richard Hudson in the line-up and features live re-workings of songs from the Strawbs and Dragonfly albums as well as alternative recordings of some of the Antiques and Curios songs.

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  1. We'll Meet Again Sometime - 4:12
  2. Or Am I Dreaming - 2:29
  3. Song of a Sad Little Girl - 5:29
  4. That Which Once was Mine - 3:33
  5. Fingertips - 6:10
  6. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus - 4:35
  7. Temperament of Mind  - 5:28
  8. Josephine, for Better or for Worse - 3:27
  9. The Antique Suite - 12:15 )
    1. The Reaper
    2. We Must Cross the River
    3. Antiques and Curios
    4. Hey It's Been a Long Time
  10. The Battle - 5:52
  11. Where is This Dream of Your Youth? - 9:31
  12. Dance On - 2:22

Dave Cousins
Vocals, guitars, dulcimer, banjo

Tony Hooper
Vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine

Rick Wakeman
Piano, organ, harpsichord, celesta

John Ford
Bass guitar, vocals

Richard Hudson
Percussion, sitar, vocals

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