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Ephemera: GAME OF THE YEAR Edition

a Studio release
Aeon Zen

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
09 Feb 2018 Digital

Ephemera: GAME OF THE YEAR Edition combines AEON ZEN’s 2014 modern progressive metal concept album ‘Ephemera’ with the ‘Ephemera Audiobook’ into one seamless experience.

The ‘Ephemera Audiobook’, comprising four chapters of a story expanding upon and extending the storyline of the concept album, was originally only available as a pre-order bonus for the ‘Ephemera’ album. With this new release, Aeon Zen are making the audiobook universally available, in an even better form. The tracks of ‘Ephemera’ and its audiobook counterpart are now woven together, rather than being separate entities, to create a flowing, movie-like experience for the listener.

Music and lyrics written by Rich Hinks
Produced, mixed and mastered by Rich Hinks 

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  1. The Entity
  2. Soul Machine
  3. Part I: Reload, Rewind, Redefine
  4. Life?
  5. Part II: The War
  6. Unite
  7. Penumbra
  8. The Order of The Blind
  9. Part III: Magnetic Imprints
  10. Remembrance
  11. Rebuild The Ruins
  12. The Space You Wanted
  13. Part IV: The Revelation of The Collective

Rich Hinks
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Andi Kravljaca

Steve Burton


Alistair Bell: Guitar solos (4,6)
Matt Shepherd: Guitar solo (12)