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Deserted Eyes

a Single or EP release
OH. (Olivia Hadjiioannou)

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
19 Jan 2018 Digital
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 1/28/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 2/6/2018 7:19:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Deserted Eyes - 3:16

Vocals, piano and instrumentation

Reviewed by Marc on 06 Feb 2018

Olivia Hadjiioannou (going under the artist name of OH.) has put out a number of singles and an album in the last few years. All of these I would not hesitate to highly recommend. Deserted is her latest and it's certainly a great place to start with OH.'s music.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer and singer. I cannot help myself from thinking of a young Kate Bush when I listen to OH.'s songs, but don't expect a copy cat, she has her own universe to explore.

If, like me you have a huge place in your heart for Kate Bush, the grandeur and emotion of OH.'s songs may touch in a similar way. Go to her Bandcamp page and give her a try.