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Vortex (With David Torn)

a Studio release

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
30 Mar 2018 RareNoise RNR087LP 2xLP

Following the suggestion of Henry Kaiser, the band Sonar link up with David Torn.

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  1. Side
    1. Part 44
    2. Red Shift
  2. Side
    1. Waves and Particles
    2. Monolith
  3. Side
    1. Vortex
    2. Lookface!
  4. Side (Bonus Live Tracks)
    1. Monolith
    2. Part 44

Stephan Thelen
Tritone Guitar

Bernhard Wagner
Tritone Guitar

Christian Kuntner
Tritone Electric Bass

Manuel Pasquinelli


David Torn: Electric Guitar, Live-Looping & Manipulation