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a Studio release
Inventions (Christiaan Bruin's Inventions)

Release Year: 2018

Date Label Catalog # Comments
25 Jan 2018 FREIA Music THOR45
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 1/4/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 5/1/2018 5:37:00 AM by: Rob
  1. Pocket Universe
  2. The Penrose Steps
  3. Curiosity
  4. Deep Thought
  5. Real Numbers
  6. Kites and Darts
  7. Through the Needle’s Eye
  8. The Grand Design
  9. The Same River Twice
  10. A Place Where We belong
  11. Real Numbers [alternative version]
  12. Through the Needle’s Eye [alternative version]
  13. O Stone, Be Not So
Christiaan Bruin
vocals, instruments

Maartje Dekker: vocals (6)
Anne Bakker: Vocals
Madeleine Brozek: violin
Ruben van Kruisum: cello
Adrian Jones: guitar

Reviewed by Rob on 01 May 2018

Introducing Christiaan Bruin:

Chris, The Black Codex,Sky Architect, Nine Stones Close, Mayra Orchestra and Adeia.

From his website:

At age 13 he started his first band Error, for which he wrote all the music and played guitar.
In 2006 he joined the symphonic rock band Arcania, which broke up after releasing their first EP.
Christiaan is now active as a drummer in the upcoming progressive rock band SKY ARCHITECT. Together with conservatory classmates Wabe Wieringa and Rik van Honk, he was a co-founding member of Sky Architect, which made a big impact on the progressive rock scene with their 2011 album 'Excavations of the Mind'.
Their second album, 'A Dying Man's Hymn' was an ambitious concept album, recorded in the solitary woods of Sweden.

An impressive list of works for this multi instrumentalist, vocalist, composer who is only 30 years old.

For his latest project Inventions, Christiaan is returning to basics of production.

Nothing bombastic.

Just vocals, drums with an ocasionally organ, piano, guitar, chello or violin.

His voice on this album is a crossing between Tim Bowness (oa NoMan) and  John Mitchell (oa Frost).

This album by Freia Records has 13 great singer songwriters-Dream pop songs from another mastermind invention of Christiaan de Bruin.

Curious ? Get his new Invention NOW