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a Studio release

Release Year: 2018

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18 Jan 2018 Digital

Produced by Ethan Taylor Sellers
Mixed by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording
Engineered by Ethan Taylor Sellers, with additional drum/horn recording by Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording 

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 1/3/2018 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 1/4/2018 8:42:00 AM by: Marc
  1. Loud Shoes
  2. Not If But When
  3. The Admiral
  4. The Professor
  5. On Your Left
  6. The Choirboy
  7. Coltrane Supermarket
  8. The Whistler
  9. The Gospel Lady
  10. Osaka Garden

Ethan Sellers
vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar

Pat Buzby


Nathan Britsch: bass (1,3,5-10)
Chris Greene: tenor, alto, soprano saxes (4,5,7)
Aaron Weistrop: electric guitars
Jeff Yang: violin
Nick Photinos: cello
Aron Topielski: bass (2,4)
Jennifer Reddick: flutes/piccolo (4,8)
Michael Maccaferri: clarinets (4)
Johnny Showtime Janowiak: trombone (5)
Eric Koppa: baritone sax (5)
Micah Frazier: trumpet (5)
Diana Lawrence: bridge vocals (7)
Jennifer Justice: bridge vocals (7)
Lillie Sellers: spoken word (1)

Reviewed by Marc on 04 Jan 2018

18 years after their debut, Chicago band Tautologic is putting out Re:Psychle.

As the album title suggests, Tautologic is not a band that takes itself seriously. There is certainly some humour in their lyrics and the mood is clearly festive. This does not meen that their playing is not taken seriously though. The musicians involved are all excellent and the performances faultless.

The material is song based, but always well suported by very creative instrumentation. Mostly acoustic (guitar, saxes, flutes...) there still is a frequent rock edge adding some power to the music. 

Very much influenced by the 70's, Tautologic's sound can be compared to the more folk/celtic songs by Gentle Giant or Caravan (i.e. ''Golf Girl''), but the band certainly adds their own color to the genre.

Re:Psychle was a nice surprise for me and I will certainly check out the Tautologic's first album. Recommended!