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Schoolyard Demos

a Single or EP release
Tim Bowness

Release Year: 2017

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This release contains 7 home studio demo recordings Tim Bowness made between 2006 and 2008.

Along with more fully developed 'conventional' songs - such as Schoolyard Ghosts (which evolved into Mixtaped), Beautiful Songs You Should Know and Song Of The Surf - the demos were presented to Steven Wilson with a view to being used on what became No-Man's Schoolyard Ghosts album.

Using GarageBand, Tim manipulated samples and notes, played keyboards (all hail the M-Tron!) and guitar, and used multiple treatments in ways that were new for him. The music was written purely for the sake of it with little regard for genre, purpose or context.

Four of the demos (tracks 2,4, 6 and 7) are on the 2014 Kscope label CD reissue of Schoolyard Ghosts:

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  1. The Warm-Up Man Forever - 5:00
  2. The Place Where You'd Hide - 3:44
  3. Gliding Through The Nothing - 1:50
  4. Ominous Dancefloor - 4:17
  5. Action Archaeology - 1:37
  6. Another Winter - 2:35
  7. The City Sounds - 2:46

Tim Bowness
Vocals, Instruments, Programming


Pete Morgan: Bass (4)