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Return Home

a Studio release
Nine Skies

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
30 Nov 2017 Anesthetize Productions CD, Digital
15 Sep 2018 Anesthetize Productions Special Edition (with additional tracks and expanded artwork)

Recorded by Nine Skies
Mixed and Master by Alexandre Lamia

This album relates, through the eyes of the protagonist, the lives of different characters from a contemporary big city. Sometimes metaphorical, sometimes particularly realistic, these different existences show the absurdities of our current world and the way we learn to live with our sufferings.

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  1. Return Home
  2. Season of Greed
  3. Catharsis
  4. The Blind Widower
  5. Roses Never Hatch
  6. The Slight Snake
  7. Dust in Town
  8. The Blind Widower (Part II)
  9. Time for them to go
  10. A way back (Return home Part II)
Special Edition:
  1. Return Home (Alternative Version)
  2. Season of Greed (Alternative Version)
  3. The Slight Snake (Alternative Version)
  4. A Way Back (Alternative Version)

Alexandre Boussacre

Freddy Scott

David Darnaud

Eric Bouillette
Guitars, Piano (4)

Alexandre Lamia
Guitars, Keyboards

Anne Claire Rallo

Bernard Hery

Fab Galia

Laurent Benhamou


Penny Mac Morris: Flute (4,8)

Reviewed by Marc on 23 Dec 2017

Return Home is a concept album (i.e. about the life of different characters from a contemporary big city) by French band Nine Skies. Actually, listening to to very good prog album, nothing hints at the origins of this group of talented musicians, They could easily be from the UK or USA.

Although the 10 tracks are clearly part of the same album (not a collection of unrelated songs), a number of stylistic influences can be heard of Return Home. At times jazz, pop, rock, prog... moods appear on what I certaimly consider to be a progressive rock album. Depending of the track, hints of recent Opeth, Marillion or Porcupine Tree appear, but most of waht I hear is in Nine Skies' own style.

Good songs, great musicianship and excellent singing... pretty much everything that makes a great prog album. Recommended!