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Close To The Edge

a Studio release

Release Year: 1972

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1972 LP
CD Atlantic 19133-2
1972 LP Atlantic 7244
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  1. Close to the Edge (18:50)
    • The Solid Time Of Change
    • Total Mass Retain
    • I Get Up I Get Down
    • Seasons Of Man
  2. And You and I (10:09)
    • Cord Of Life
    • Eclipse
    • The Preacher The Teacher
    • The Apocalypse
  3. Siberian Khatru (8:57)

    Bonus Tacks on Remaster

  4. America (Single Version) (4:12)
  5. And You And I (Alternate Version) (3:21)
  6. Siberia (Studio Run-Through of 'Siverian Khatru') (9:19)

Rick Wakeman

Jon Anderson

Bill Bruford
Percussion, Drums

Steve Howe
Guitar, Vocals

Chris Squire
Bass, Vocals

Reviewed by MJBrady on 22 Oct 2001

When the long time followers of Yes' music choose their personal favorites, this one will seemingly always make the top 5, or higher. It offers the listener all the magic found on Fragile without the soloist segments, also the songs were much longer, allowing the members to shine both vocally and instrumentally. One has to remember the date (1972) of this cd to really appreciate the magnitude of it's genius.

A this time, Yes really put the sum of the parts that complete the whole by combining their collective strengths of unique vocal harmonies, trademark instrumental techniques, by penning music that seemed to set a audio backdrop for the majestic artwork scenes on the cover art provided by progartist innovator - Roger Dean. They were treading into musical areas never heard before with influences that seemed to be otherworldly.

Also this album had what many believe to be the bands finest moments personnel wise; the core of Howe, Anderson, Squire,and the passing graces of keyboardist Wakeman, and drummer - Bruford created a chemistry that the band has been trying to recapture for some time now. Granted they have put out many great albums since CTTE, Relayer comes to mind, and certainly other albums have some moments of brilliance, but as a start to finish album this one sets the mark as one of progressive rocks most heralded and highly regarded albums by created by one of the longstanding patriarchs of the prog family tree.

Reviewed by Marc on 24 Nov 2013

I will certainly not do another review of this all time great album.

What I want to comment is the 2013 remixed version (by Steven Wilson). I purchased it even though I already had a very good CD version of Close to the Edge, because I wanted the 5.1 mix and also for the extras found on the Blu-ray disc. On these accounts I was not disappointed at all.

What gets me mad is the packaging. I paid a good price for this product and all I get is a "petite" version of the original lp jackett with the two discs inserted in white paper sleeves like those used for cheap CDRs we often get for free in the mail. There is also a booklet (with credits and lyrics) that does not even fit in the jackett, so unless you are always carefull when you pick up the album, the booklet falls on the floor. Talk about cheap stuff!!!!

I have purchased quite a few of these "expensive" deluxe versions of CDs, and this is by far the worst. I think that the Yes people involved here, whoever they are (band members or others??), have forgotten their devoted fans when they put out this product.

I will certainly not shell out 40$+ for any other Yes album coming out in this format. To bad, because the music is great.

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