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Live In Japan (and the Sound of Blue Band)

a Live release
Phil Manzanera

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Dec 2017 EXPCD39 2xCD

Phil Manzanera and his The Sound Of Blue band performed eight sold-out concerts in Tokyo and Osaka. This release is recorded at Tokyo’s ‘Live At Billboard’ on 2 July, 2017, Live In Japan covers all eras of Phil Manzanera's career from Roxy Music classics to his solo tracks.. 

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CD 1:

  1. Lagrima
  2. nk
  3. 6Pm
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. In Every Dreamhome A Heartache
  6. I Want You Back
  7. Magdalena
  8. Sozinho
  9. Bala De Plata
  10. More Than This
  11. High Atlas

Cd 2:

  1. East Of Asteroid
  2. Amazona
  3. I Cant Help Falling In Love With You
  4.  Frontera
  5. Diamond Head
  6. Stormy Weather
  7. Take A Chance With Me
  8. Love Is The Drug
  9. No Church In The Wild
  10. Lets Stick Together (Ft: Hotei)
  11. Chan Chan (Ft Hotei)
Bonus Track:
  1. Chan Chan (Studio Version)

Phil Manzanera
Guitar ,Vocals

Sonia Bernardo
Vocals, Guitar

Yaron Stavi
Bass, Vocals

Javier Weyler

Joào Mello
Sax, Keys, Vocals

Lucas Polo
Guitar, Vocals

Andres Mésa
Keys, Vocals


Hotei: Guitar (CD1-11, CD2-11 & 12)