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The Secret

a Studio release
Mabel Greer's Toyshop

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
08 Dec 2017 CD, Digital

On this release of 9 new songs, Peter Banks and Clive Bayley are heard playing a guitar duo. Clive has written a new song around previously recorded guitar parts by Peter Banks. The song is included in the album as a tribute to Peter Banks and Chris Squire joining Mabel Greer in September 1967. “I did it because reading of Peter’s passing in 2013 was the catalyst for meeting Bob Hagger again and coming up with the crazy idea of re-forming Mabel Greer. The result is that we have produced two new albums since then, and released re-mastered BBC tapes from 1967 on the EP ‘Images’”, said Clive.

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  1. Big Brother, Little Brother - 8:47
  2. Love's Fire - 5:42
  3. Turning To The Light - 7:07
  4. Angel In Disguise - 4:08
  5. More And More - 7:14
  6. You - 7:02
  7. Swan - 5:37
  8. Image Of Existence - 5:13
  9. The Secret

Clive Bayley
vocals and guitars

Bob Hagger
drums and percussion

Hugo Barré
bass, backing vocals

Max Hunt


Peter Banks: Guitar (9)