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At Last. Live

a Live release
Roz Vitalis

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
17 Apr 2017 Digital

Tracks 1–7 recorded at Lady club 2016-12-03 by Andrey Kolyadin
Tracks 8 and 9 recorded at Sound Museum (ex-ESG-21) 2016-10-22 by Boris Shershenkov
Mixed and Mastered by Ivan Rozmainsky at the Ad Lucem Studio

Official statement about this release:

The Russian instrumental Avant-Prog-band Roz Vitalis informs about independent digital release of newest official live album "At Last. Live" recorded in Saint-Petersburg in the end of 2016. This album reflects energy of full concert line-up of Roz Vitalis including trumpet, flute and low whistle, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

The most of the album is new stuff. Some of it will appear on future studio albums, other tracks are rarest and non-album stuff.

The album includes also rearranged versions of Roz Vitalis “classics”: “Mother of All Rain” from “Patience of Hope” album (2012), “Lavoro d’Amore” and “Ascension Dream” from “Lavoro d’Amore” album (2015).

The essential feature of this recording is to emphasize melodic side of Roz Vitalis music; if it is Avant Prog then it is “Avant Prog with human face”. Perhaps, it is closer to some rare forms of Eclectic Prog.

The essential goal of the album is to explore, to expand and to emphasize Beauty.

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Entry Last Updated on: 11/13/2017 8:30:00 AM by: Marc
  1. Blurred - 3:14
  2. Lavoro d'Amore - 4:48
  3. The Hidden Man Of The Heart - 5:28
  4. Restore Unto Me The Joy - 2:07
  5. Ascension Dream - 4:02
  6. Mother Of All Rain - 4:14
  7. Passing Over - 6:57
  8. Passing Interlude - 4:04
  9. Se Camminiamo Nella Luce (Excerpt) / Thou Shalt Tread Upon The Lion And Adder - 8:28

Vladimir Efimov
electric guitar

Alexey Gorshkov
trumpet and acoustic guitar

Ruslan Kirillov
bass guitar

Vladislav Korotkikh
flute and low whistle

Ivan Rozmainsky

Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky "Energoslon"
acoustic and electric guitars

Philip Semenov "Phill"

Reviewed by Marc on 13 Nov 2017

Live album by Russian band Roz Vitalist. Here we get an instrumental incantation of the band (this has not always been the case). 

I guess I can describe the music on At Last. Live as Canterbury influenced Prog/Fusion/Jazz. The lead guitar (there are two guitarist listed so I don't know who plays what) mostly takes a relaxed melodic style that often reminds me of Andy Latimer (i.e. Camel) and the music, with its smooth piano and vintage sounding keyboards, could easily be placed in the early seventies. The presence of flute also gives a retro sound to these excellent compositions. 

The band is dead on tight and the recording of the concert excellent. In fact, partly because hardly no crowd reactions can be heard, a casual listener could think this is a studion recording.

It would be reductive to only compare this album to Canterbury Prog or Camel. Mostly because of the wind instruments, different styles (Jazz, Folk, World...) are also presnt in the music. I must underline the great contribution of Alexey Gorshkov on trumpet, that can rival the big stars (Marsalis, Botti...) on this instrument.

At Last. Live is a very enjoyable recording of a band on the peak of its talent. Recommended indeed.