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Topographic Drama: Live Across America

a Live release

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
24 Nov 2017 Rhino Records 2xCD, 3xLP

This release features live performances from 12 dates recorded on the tour in February 2017, by the current Yes line-up: Steve Howe (guitars), Alan White (drums), Geoff Downes (keyboards), Billy Sherwood (bass), Jon Davison (vocals), and additional drummer for this tour Jay Schellen.

Topographic Drama: Live Across America highlights the best performances from the 2017 leg of the 28-show tour and mirrors the set list from those concerts. Each night, Yes opened with all six songs from Drama (1980).

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Disc 1
  1. Machine Messiah
  2. White Car
  3. Does It Really Happen?
  4. Into The Lens
  5. Run Through The Light
  6. Tempus Fugit
  7. And You And I - Close to the edge
  8. Heart Of The Sunrise - Fragile
Disc 2
  1. The Revealing Science Of God
  2. Leaves Of Green
  3. Ritual
  4. Roundabout
  5. Starship Trooper

Jon Davison

Steve Howe

Billy Sherwood

Alan White

Geoff Downes


Jay Schellen: drums

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