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Syndenes Magi

a Studio release
Arabs in Aspic

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
06 Oct 2017 Apollon Records ARP009CD CD

Syndenes magi is the 6th release from Norwegian progressive rock band Arabs in Aspic. Focusing on an old-school sound, the use of Hammond organs, Mellotron, Rhodes, Space Echo, vintage guitars and tube amps shines through and colors the entire album. The songs on Syndenes magi are darker and heavier than the previous release, the lyrics are all in Norwegian and reflect the unstability of today’s world. With extensive vocal harmonies and dynamic compositions, this album will appeal to both old and young listeners, and no special musical prerequisite is required.

Syndenes Magi was recorded and mixed in the band’s own studio, and mastered at Cuttingroom, Stockholm, by Björn Engelmann.

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  1. Syndenes Magi
  2. Mørket pt 2
  3. Mørket pt 3
Jostein Smeby
guitar, vocals

Eskil Nyhus

Erik Paulsen
bass, vocals

Stig A. Jørgensen
organ, keyboards, vocals

Reviewed by Marc on 16 Aug 2017

If you enjoy early seventies Prog and specially bands like King Crimson, Yes, Uriah Heep and Pink Floyd, Syndenes Magi by Norwegian band Arabs in Aspic is most certainly for you.

This band is not inspired by the early seventies and they do not try to recreate the early seventies sound... In fact, listening to Syndenes Magi makes me actually believe that they are living in the early seventies. There must be a region in Norway where time as stopped in 1971.

The first track, clocking at more than 12 minutes, is the one on which I can spot the most references. Yes, King Crimson and Pink Floyd all seem to appear at different moments in this great song. I just love it. The second song, the shortest at nearly 10 minutes, does not bring to mind any perticular band, but the  trip back 45 years is still in effect. Both these songs offer some great vintage guitar and keyboards sounds, group singing (à la early Pink Floyd) and the bass and drums support them perfectly. Finally the album ends with an epic 20+ minutes track that  adds softer moments to the heavier stuff and even features an ''Echoes'' like psychedelic break. Cool stuff indeed.

Syndenes Magi is a great album. If you miss these incredible LPs from that long gone era that was the early 70s, Arabs in Aspic's latest is a must have. Personally I'm gonna keep on putting this great album in my player and I will check out their back catalogue to find out their other gems.

Syndenes Magi gets my highest recommendation!!!