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a Studio release
Lunatic Soul

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
06 Oct 2017 KScope KScope498 CD (mediabook edition with 20-page booklet), LP

Mariusz Duda writes:

The main theme of "Fractured" is coming back to life after a personal tragedy. Unfortunately, 2016 brought a lot more misfortune than I could have anticipated (the deaths of Grudzien and my Father were only some of life's blows), which considerably delayed working on the album. Luckily, in June this year I will enter the last phase of recordings: vocals, the final mix and mastering. At the moment I'm going through the last bits of notes and making the final changes to the lyrics while sitting backstage somewhere in France during Riverside tour.

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  1. Blood On The Tightrope - 7:19
  2. Anymore - 4:37
  3. Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes - 6:42
  4. Red Light Escape - 05:43] 5. Fractured - 4:36
  5. A Thousand Shards Of Heaven - 12:17
  6. Battlefield - 9:05
  7. Moving On - 5:14

Mariusz Duda