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The Return to T.D.S.O.T.M. (Larsen Premoli)

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
01 Feb 2017 RecLab Studios CD, Digital

All funds raised (from all physical and online sales, including possible offers linked with the download of special contents) will go to the ““No Surrender Dream Team”, a charity program established in Italy by the French association “Oscar’s angels”. They offer live music events to parents of children and teenagers facing critical illness and promote the use of music in paediatric hospitals”

In February 2017 RecLab Studios enters its 8th year of activity, marking over 250 productions. To celebrate this important achievement, producer Larsen Premoli thought it appropriate to pay a homage to the Pink Floyd and completely re-record “the dark side of the moon”, eighth album by the British band and undisputed milestone in the history of rock’n’roll and music in general, originally published in March 1973. With the intent of starting a project of distinctive artistic profile, to re-create the work of Pink Floyd the Milanese independent producer decided to summon a top-team of 48 musicians (including Federico Paulovich, Ralph Salati and Paolo Colavolpe from Destrage, Alteria, Mario Riso, Michele Quaini, Matteo Balani, percussionist Pacho and many more) who collaborated with RecLab throughout its 8 years up until today. Eminencies such as Andrea Rock and Dr. Feelgood (Dj’s at Virgin Radio) also took part to the project as speakers in the spoken sections of the record.

officially started at RecLab Studios on October 15th 2016 with the recording of drum tracks. Recording of all other tracks took until Christmas. Then meticulous post-production on fine vintage equipment was carried out. Tracks have been recorded following precisely the timeline of the original album. While much room was left for the interpretation of the parts by the artists, according to their language and individuality, arrangements instead follow the originals faithfully.

CONCEPT The artwork is clearly inspired by the original album cover. The first detail that can be noticed is the specularity in comparison with the original graphics. “We know that pointing a ray of white light into a prism, the complete spectrum of colors composing the iris is rendered” says producer Larsen Premoli “We also know that reversing the operation is impossible. But is it really impossible? Or maybe, in a laboratory, with research, experimentation and dedication it could be found that indeed it is possible? While getting to the re-creation of this absolute masterpiece I knew I was setting off to a conceptually impossible enterprise, but with the RECording LABoratory at hand and counting on the many artistic realities and sensitivities met in these first 8 years I decided to try anyway. To me, this has been a moment of unprecedented exploration and analysis of an album I have been listening to at least a couple of times a week for the last decade, but still surprises me every time. The artwork represents very pragmatically the essence of the project “The return to…”: the characters and colors of 48 artists (here returns the number 8, multiplied by the 6 colors of the iris) meeting up inside a studio (the prism) to mix their art and expertise into a single, unique result (the ray of white light). …”

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  1. Speak to Me - 1:12
  2. Breathe (In the Air) - 2:46
  3. On the Run - 3:53
  4. Time - 5:38
  5. Time (Breathe Reprise) - 1:11
  6. The Great Gig in the Sky - 4:46
  7. Money - 6:47
  8. Us and Them - 7:35
  9. Any Colour You Like - 3:28
  10. Brain Damage - 3:51
  11. Eclipse - 2:14
  12. Comfortably Numb (Bonus Track) - 6:39 

Larsen Premoli

Federico Paulovich
Ralph Salati
Paolo Colavolpe
Mario Riso
Michele Quaini
Davide Malanchin
Carlo Ozzella
Matteo Balani
Hermes Locatelli
Mattia Frassinetti
Giulia Osservati
Marco De Grandi
Filippo Sperotto
Max Forleo
Erik Donatini
Fulvio Carlini
Sandro Casali
Alessio ‘Bongi’ Buongiorno
Federico Marin
Roberto Paladino
Nicola Rossi
Domenico Cambareri
Tony Giampaolo
Daniele Capuzzi
Andrea ‘Jimmy’ Catagnoli
Max Castellani
Deneb Bucella
Nando de Luca
Lorenzo Pasquini
Antonio Magrini
Vincenzo Marino
Giulio Larovere
Enrico Meloni
Riccardo Preda
Dario Jacuzzi
Mattia Dambrosio
Gabriele Ghezzi
Daniele Tiddia
Massimo ‘Maffo’ Vignali
Andrea Rock
Maurizio ‘Dr.Feelgood’ Faulisi