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Quadrophenia Revisited

a Studio release
Jay Tausig

Release Year: 2017

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13 Jan 2017 Digital

Jay Tausig writes:

This album came together in about a month, the last of 2016 and the first release of 2017. I wanted to test out some newly acquired hardware and needed a project to work on that would push the limits not only of what I could achieve as a solo artist, but also what I could achieve from an audio perspective as well. I remembered a fan had suggested I take on remaking some classic albums a while back and thought of doing THIS.
Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums of all time and this was a real joy to work on. I left some tracks off, for a few different reasons, but I feel that the bulk of it is represented well here, on these 10 songs.
The Vocals and Drums were the most challenging thing in all honesty, But my energy was pretty high and I felt driven in a way I hadn't previously experienced, so I Pushed The Envelope at every opportunity. :)
At the very least I hoped that the Energy would be right...
I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording every bit of it.
Play It Loud, it sounds better that way...
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  1. 5:15 - 4:39
  2. The Real Me - 3:40
  3. The Dirty Jobs - 4:27
  4. I've Had Enough - 5:59
  5. Cut My Hair - 3:44
  6. The Punk and The Godfather - 5:19
  7. I'm One - 2:40
  8. Is It In My Head? - 3:54
  9. Drowned - 5:19
  10. Sea and Sand - 5:11

Jay Tausig

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