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Dreamscape Seven

a Studio release
Jay Tausig

Release Year: 2015

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10 Oct 2015 Digital

Jay Tausig writes:

This was recorded during September 2015, it is one long form track (48:29) that is comprised of: Korg Drum machine, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Clarinet, Mellotron Choir, Synthesizers, Roland Octapad with EMU procussion module.
I tried to keep the soloing to a minimum until about 30 minutes into the track, thereby letting the rhythms and textures be the focus.
Once again, these are complete performances, not sampled, edited, cut and pasted in any way. This is "living Music" in the sense that it is completely improvised and the individual performances are left largely intact to simulate the feel of a live performance.

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  1. Dreamscape Seven - 48:28

All Instruments and production by Jay Tausig

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