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Songs From The Ghost Light

a Studio release
Tim Bowness

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
18 Aug 2017 Burning Shed BSHED1701 CD, LP

Songs From The Ghost Light is a companion release to Tim Bowness’s acclaimed Inside Out label albums, Abandoned Dancehall Dreams (2014), Stupid Things That Mean The World (2015) and Lost In The Ghost Light (2017).

Comprising an eclectic combination of radical re-imaginings, live performances and atmospheric outtakes, the 34 minute mini-album collects songs relating to the Lost In The Ghost Light concept (which revolves around the onstage and backstage reflections of a fictional 'classic' Rock musician in the twilight of his career).

Stupid Things That Mean The World and The Sweetest Bitter Pill have been reinvented as shimmering string-driven pieces and provide a stark contrast to the guitar led Art Rock attacks of The Warm-Up Man Forever, Dancing For You and The Great Electric Teenage Dream (all taken from a powerful set at The Band In The Wall, Manchester in 2015). Studio outtakes include the poignant No Longer The One and the atmospheric Mellotron-drenched interlude Once A Record.

Tim Bowness is joined by Colin Edwin and Stephen Bennett (who feature throughout the album), plus Michael Bearpark, Andrew Keeling, Andrew Booker, Hux Nettermalm, Kit Watkins and Anna Phoebe.

Songs From The Ghost Light has been mixed and mastered by Giancarlo Erra (Nosound/Memories Of Machines), who also contributes piano to a haunting new version of the title track from Lost In The Ghost Light.

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  1. Stupid Things That Mean The World (chamber version) - 3.05
  2. The Warm-Up Man Forever (live) - 5.51
  3. No Longer The One - 6.27
  4. Once A Record - 2.09
  5. The Great Electric Teenage Dream (live) - 4.15
  6. The Sweetest Bitter Pill (chamber version) - 4.33
  7. Dancing For You (live) - 5.47
  8. Lost In The Ghost Light (giallo) - 1.43

Tim Bowness
Vocals, Synths (on 8)

Stephen Bennett
Novatron 400, Assorted Keyboards, Guitars (on 3)

Colin Edwin
Bass, Acoustic Bass


Michael Bearpark: Guitar (on 2, 5, 7)
Andrew Booker: Drums (on 2, 5, 7)
Charlotte Dowding: Violins (on 6)
Giancarlo Erra: Piano (on 8)
Andrew Keeling: String Arrangment (on 6)
Hux Nettermalm: Drums (on 3)
Anna Phoebe: Violins (on 1)
Kit Watkins: Flute, Waterphone and ‘Heartbeat' Percussion (on 8)