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Telescope Road

a Studio release
Telescope Road

Release Year: 2016

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2016 CD

Recorded and mixed by Cyril "Six" Pellegrin.
Artwork and layout by Mikko Nilsson.

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 6/27/2017 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 6/30/2017 4:38:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Crystal Revenge
  2. Serpent
  3. Gut Metal
  4. Fireworks and January Skies
  5. Moonfever
  6. Eat Your Heart Out

Alain Chiarazzo
acoustic and electric guitars

William Kopecky
fretless bass

David Lillkvist
drums & percussion


Cleo Mbambo: vocals
Sbongile Mbambo: vocals
Nabankur Bhattacharya "Pinku": tabla, voice

Reviewed by Marc on 30 Jun 2017

Telescope Road is a trio of European musicians and their eponymous album is their first.

After the first three tracks it was clear to me that they fitted very well in the Jazz Fusion genre, with Stick Men being the most obvious reference. These three instrumental pieces (although ''Serpent'' features spoken vocals) showcase the musicians' technical habilities and rythm, but their focus being more on the music than on prowess. Linking Telescope Road to Stick Men is somewhat reductive, since they like to introduce Indian flavours to their music and William Kopecky's bass sound is closer to Percy Jones than it is to Tony Levin. Also, Alain Chiarazzo uses a lot of acoustic guitar. This combined to David Lillkvist percussions and drums often gives the music an unplugged feel.

''Fireworks And January Skies'' changes drastically the album's mood. It's a moving song fronted by the beautiful vocals of Sibongile Mbambo that kind of reminds me of Randy Crawford. ''Moonefever'' brings back some very energetic Fusion and the album ends with another song (again with an excellent female lead vocalist: Cleo) that would have fitted well on King Crimson's Discipline.

Telescope Road has been a great discovery for me. Those into what Stick Men are doing or even 80's King Crimson should really like this album a lot. Even though we are now just half way there, I'm convinced that Telescope Road with crack my Top 10 Best albums of 2017 list. My highest recommendation indeed.

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