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a Studio release

Release Year: 2017

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25 Aug 2017 Progshine Records CD, Digital

Recorded and mixed at Na Music studios
Recording, mixing and mastering by Thiago Albuquerque 

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Entry Last Updated on: 10/15/2017 1:32:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Órbita - 9:49
  2. Abismo Azul - 3:42
  3. Aquântica - 5:42
  4. Salinas - 5:35
  5. Chronos - 4:42
  6. Orion - 13:25

Thiago Albuquerque
Synth, Piano

Daniel Leite

Príamo Brandão
Bass (6)

Henrique Penna


Mário Neto - bass (1-5)

Reviewed by Marc on 21 Jul 2017

From Brazil Ultranova plays some very interesting instrumental Prog/Jazz/Space Rock.

Orion is their first album and consists of four 3 to 5 minutes instrumentals sandwitched by two longer tracks. The four shorter pieces allow the band to explore different musical styles (melodic ballad, high energy rocker, jazz...). The two longer tracks are more in a classical Prog format (an opening theme that evolves into other sections then returning to the first theme and ending with a climax). The two lead musicians, Thiago Abuquerque on keys and Daniel Leite on guitars get many occasions to shine and complemenent each other very nicely. The rythm section of Priamo Branäo on bass and Henrique Pena on drums gives the music some discrete swing, and both musicans get to shine on occasion.

Personally I prefered the shorter tracks, the band finding a way to be very creative and progressive in a tighter format. Both longer tracks offer a lot of great musical moments, but the musicans tend to repeat the main themes while introducing variations on them. In my humble opinion both pieces would have gained in conciseness if they had been shorten by a couple of minutes.

In conclusion Orion by Ultranova is a very promising first album and I think that fans of 70's Camel, Happy The Man  and even Snarky Puppy will find much to enjoy here.

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