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A New Dawn [DVD]

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
14 Jul 2017 Gentle Art Of Music DVD, Blu-ray, Boxset of DVD/CD/LP

The A New Dawn Blu-ray and DVD versions comprise identical two-hour-long stereo and surround mixes of the concert, each with audio tracks in both English as well as German. For the English version the lines from the German-language live show were dubbed by the narrator and the actors.

In both formats the following extras can be selected independently from the main movie: a fifteen-minute Making of of the concert movie, the recording of the encore of the Freising show Unchain The Earth as well as a hitherto unreleased video clip of the splendid Beyond Man And Time long track The Fisherman.

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  1. Prologue
  2. Revelation
  3. Introduction
  4. Oh Hapless Man
  5. Swords And Guns
  6. This Ancient Formula
  7. A Clear Cut Line
  8. Wanted
  9. Like To Like
  10. The Fisherman
  11. Sound Of Loneliness
  12. Hide And Seek
  13. From Paul To Saul
  14. Disbelief
  15. Misguided Thought
  16. Still Asleep
  17. Home Shopping
  18. Perfect Day
  19. Terror
  20. The Attack
  21. The Eternal Recurrence
  22. A New Dawn
  23. Revelation Reprise
Bonus material:
  • Unchain The Earth (Live)
  • Swords And Guns (Official Video Clip)
  • Making Of-Film (deutsch, englUntertitel) 

Yogi Lang
vocals, keyboards

Kalle Wallner

Markus Jehle

Werner Taus

Marc Turiaux