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Möbius Strip

a Studio release
Möbius Strip

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
27 Mar 2017 Musea Parallele MP 3330 CD, Digital

All songs composed by Lorenzo Cellupica and arranged by Möbius Strip

Produced by Möbius Strip

Recorded mixed and mastered at The Form Studio 20 by Antonio Aronne.

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/24/2017 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 6/17/2017 7:33:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Bloo - 9:37
  2. Déjà Vu - 8:24
  3. First Impressions - 7:49
  4. Call it a Day - 2:43
  5. Andalusia - 8:30
  6. Möbius Strip - 8:48

Lorenzo Cellupica

Nico Fabrizi
saxophone, flute

Eros Capoccitti

Davide Rufo

Reviewed by Marc on 17 Jun 2017

Möbius Strip is a Sax - Keyboards - Bass - Drums Jazz Quartet from Italy and I would qualify their music as Smooth Jazz Fusion. As much as I know, their eponymous album is their first ever. 

Even though they are still very young (in their twenties), these talented musicians appear to be very capable at their craft and respectfull of tradition. I have read reviews that compare them to Canterbury Prog bands of the early seventies (i.e. Soft Machine, Caravan...) but I do not agree. These famous bands were Rock/Psych/Pop bands that incorporated some Jazz elements in their music to various degrees. Möbius Strip is a pure Jazz Fusion band. OK, I'll admit that using electric piano on the first piece ''Bloo'' may remind someone of the early Caravan sound... but that's it.

Möbius Strip starts with the energetic ''Bloo'' that allows the listener to appreciate how much this band is a tight unit. The lead musicians are very smooth and creative and the rythm section adds a lot of swing to the songs. A great beginning indeed. The next track ''Déjà Vu'' has Lorenzo Cellupica playing piano, and he does so in a very joyful manner that kind of reminds me of Vince Guaraldi (i.e. Peanuts music). Even though Cellupica has a lighter touch and is more fluid than Guaraldi, at a few other times on this record he makes me think of him. On this track Cellupica has a great dialogue with Nico Fabrizi (on Sax) and Davide Rufo's cymbal work is just great. Next track ''First Impressions'' leaves more space to improvisation and Rufo ''almost'' gives us a cool drum solo, so smooth that the casual listener may not notice it. Great track where everyone gets to show their skills. The next track starts out as a moving piano solo piece but eventually Eros Capocitty's bass joins in to add to the emotional level. Hints of Debussy's ''Claire de lune'' in this one. ''Andalusia'', like its title suggests, has Spanish flavours and, again, all the musicians shine on this one. Capocitty's bass playing has some Jeff Berlin flavours and Rufo really swings on drums, in a Brian Blade sort of way. Great solo by Fabrizi on tenor. The last track is the one on which the musicians are most Fusion oriented, with a nice mixture of retro and modern flavours. I would not hesitate to compare them with Snarky Puppy here... a great finish to a great album. 

Möbius Strip is certainly one of my ''coups de coeur'' for 2017 and I would really like to catch this band live. Hopefully the Montréal Jazz Festival will someday have them on their program. 

My highest recommendation for this one indeed.

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