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Signal 9

a Studio release

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
12 May 2017 Cuneiform Records Rune 438
Music composed and played by Miriodor. 
Recorded in Montréal in 2015 and 2016 by Bernard Grenon and Bernard Falaise. 
Recorded and mixed / Bernard Falaise 
Mastering / Bernard Grenon 
Graphics and design / l’Atelier du Presse-Citron 
This album is dedicated to François Émond (1964-2016), founding member of Miriodor.
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Entry Last Updated on: 11/2/2017 5:32:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. Venin
  2. Peinturé dans le Coin
  3. Transit de Nuit à Jakarta
  4. Portrait-robot
  5. Déboires à Munich
  6. Chapelle Lunaire
  7. Cryogénie
  8. Passage Secret
  9. Gallinule d'Amérique
  10. Douze Petites Asperges
  11. Le Ventriloque et le Perroquet
Bernard Falaise
guitars, keyboards, turntable

Pascal Globensky
keyboards, synths, piano

Rémi Leclerc
drums, percussion, electronics

Nicolas Lessard
bass, double bass, keyboards

Reviewed by Marc on 01 Nov 2017

Québec (Canada) band Miriodor have been releasing and performing very technical and perplexing music (classified by most as RIO) for more than three decades. I've listened to some of their records in the past and even caught them live in the early 2000's. This being said I never really got their music enough to follow them regularly, so I was wondering how I would react to their latest album Signal 9.

After the first two tracks (''Venin'' and ''Peinturé dans le coin'') I was quite surprised. It was pretty much like listening to some instrumental Gentle Giant. Sound wise (guitar, keyboards, vibraphone...) they are right on it and the music is quirky enough  to come very close to emulating GG. This impression does not last. The next few tracks get darker, more complex and technical, the band coming closer to what they did in the past. Depending on the tracks I hear hints of Happy The Man, King Crimson and Gentle Giant still pops in occasionnally.

Perfectly performed and recorded, Signal 9 is probably one of the most accessible album by Miriodor, but to really enjoy it you must be able to appreciate complex and (sometimes) mind-bending music.