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Keys to Ascension

a Video release

Release Year: 1996

Date Label Catalog # Comments
IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT, 1996, 147 Minutes
Extras on the DVD: Full Motion menu, Music/Song Access with 14 cues and remote access.
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  1. Siberian Khatru
  2. Close To The Edge
  3. I've Seen All Good People
  4. Time And A Word
  5. And You And I
  6. The Revealing Science Of God
  7. Going For The One
  8. Turn Of The Century
  9. America
  10. Onward
  11. Awaken
  12. Roundabout
  13. Starship Trooper
Jon Anderson
Guitars, Harp, Vocals
Steve Howe
Guitars, Vocals
Chris Squire
Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wakeman
Alan White
Drums, Vocals

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