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Live At Last And More

a Live Video release

Release Year: 2002

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Live At Last and More is Pendragon's video recording from 1996 Masquerade Tour with extra footage released for the first time on DVD.
Recorded at Studio Leg in Krakow, Poland, in front of a TV audience. The picture is TV quality (both PAL and NTSC compatable) and the sound is Dolby Digital Surround 5.1.
98 minutes of music plus 30 minutes of extra features which include:
fully animated menu, an extensive interview with Nick Barrett, the previously unseen promotional video for 'Saved By You', band history, band members profiles, discography, art gallery, photo gallery, amd desktop images.
Available through the Pendragon Website:
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  1. March Of The Torreodores (intro)
  2. Nostradamus
  3. As Good As Gold
  4. Paintbox
  5. Breaking The Spell
  6. Guardian Of My Soul
  7. Back In The Spotlight
  8. The Last Man On Earth
  9. The Shadow
  10. Leviathan
  11. Masters Of Illusion
  12. The Last Waltz (Queen Of Hearts part 3)
Fudge Smith
Clive Nolan
Peter Gee
bass guitar
Nick Barrett

Reviewed by Eric on 04 Aug 2005

I really liked the early Pendragon stuff during the NWOBPR (‘new wave of British progressive rock’) of the very early 80’s, but lost interest on their later albums and have not followed them that close in the quite a while. Seems I missed out!

This is a fine DVD recorded in Krakow, Poland with the band in top form. This really is a hot live act, combing the best of progressive rock with a keen sense of the melodic. No 20 minute suites here, just straight ahead, intelligent rock.

The bonus video Saved By You has all the feel and vibe of the 1980’s looking and sounding like Glass Tiger or FM (The UK AOR band), but it has it’s charms. There is also an extensive and informative interview with Nick Barrett, an art gallery of early and more recent photos and other cool extras.

Terrific stuff and a good buy, especially for those like me playing catch up!