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a Studio release
DOUG The Eagle

Release Year: 2011

Date Label Catalog # Comments
08 Apr 2011 Digital

DOUG The Eagle writes:

This is my seventh album, recorded from 2009-2010.

My favourite track have to be the opening track, "Niall's Song", inspired by a picture I commissioned of one of the demon characters from my webcomic and providing a quick summary of his beliefs (and hobby, as you might call it). "Demonhunter", the last track, is another of my favourites, taking up once again the theme of someone setting out to fight the demon menace, only to discover that they fall into that demographic themselves. In all honesty I wondered if it was too similar to 'Daniel LaGrange' on the last album, but I think it turned out well.

"Anathema" - I suspect some people will figure out the fairly thin references in that song. "Super Funk Time" was actually written for the DMFA radio series project, but people seemed to like it for its own sake so I included it here.

All tracks were recorded on 8-track tape at 15ips except 1, 2 & 7, which were recorded 16­track using two synced tape machines. 

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  1. Niall's Song - 9:41
  2. This is a Triangle - 9:33
  3. Get Your Facts Right - 5:18
  4. Anathema - 4:48
  5. Super Funk Time - 4:33
  6. Return Ticket to Heaven - 4:02
  7. Demonhunter - 12:08

J. P. Morris (DOUG The Eagle)