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Baklawa Doom

a Studio release
DOUG The Eagle

Release Year: 2012

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14 Mar 2012 Digital

DOUG The Eagle writes:

This is my eighth album, recorded in 2011.

The first 'side' of the album is a rather whimsical and bizarre vision of the end of the world and the unlikely hero summoned to try and prevent it. In many ways it resembles my earlier effort, 'Three Little Pigs' in that the first side is the concept piece, a collection of tracks telling a story and musically sharing certain motifs and themes while still being individual pieces in their own right.

The rest of the album is unrelated. It kicks off with "Heaven's Army", a rather bitter look at Angelic warfare, based on the webcomic "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". It also takes a lot of inspiration from 'S.F. Sorrow' by the Pretty Things, to the point at which I had to rewrite parts of it because I felt they were much too similar.

"How To Build A Sundial" is the extended instrumental track, actually based on a piece I have been picking at since about 2007. For a long time it lay dormant, and parts of it were cannibalised into other pieces (DMFA folk may recognise 'Hannah's Theme' - this is where it originally came from). My one regret on this track is not rerecording the synth leads to use the minimax. The title was a completely random search suggestion from Google.

The final track is "Song of Keaton", the life story of a psychopathic demoness character created by one of my friends. For a long time she has been planning to write the story, and fragments of it do exist. I have always been touched by the story, and this is my attempt at condensing the story into a song, including some parts which have been told to me but never actually written.

Tracks 5 and 6 were recorded on 8-track tape at 15ips - all the others were done on 1" 24-track tape. 

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  1. Baklawa Doom part I - The Old Man - 5:23
  2. Baklawa Doom part II - At The Chippy - 5:39
  3. Baklawa Doom part III - The End of the World - 7:17
  4. Baklawa Doom part IV - After the End of the World - 5:20
  5. Heaven's Army - 5:27
  6. How to build a sundial - 10:18
  7. Song of Keaton - 11:10

J. P. Morris (DOUG The Eagle)