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Incubi and Succubi

a Studio release
DOUG The Eagle

Release Year: 2013

Date Label Catalog # Comments
30 Mar 2013 LP, Digital

DOUG The Eagle writes:

I never really had plans for this album, in fact I had about given up hope and began recording an album of remixes and rerecordings from my first four albums. But then, the webcomic which I have been following for lo these many years, and which has been often been an unlikely source of inspiration, suddenly took a turn for the dramatic causing my muse to go into overdrive. This album is the result, and for this reason many of the tracks are written around the brutal and oppressive aspects of the DMFA universe which the readership has suddenly had a window into.

Musically, it is an interesting experiment in that I suddenly broke down and bought an electric bass about 4 months prior to the deadline for the album. Perhaps this haste was a mistake, but I think that it does lend some honesty to an album almost entirely produced using sequencer software.

All tracks recorded on 1" 24-track tape.

This album should not be considered canon, though most of 'The New War' is drawn directly from her comic.

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Vinyl Side A

  1. The New War - 10:09
  2. The Murder Game - 9:57

Vinyl Side B

  1. Born With Wings - 7:48
  2. A Fae Story - 6:30
  3. The Age Of Daryil - 8:37

Digital (with extra track)

  1. The New War - 10:08
  2. Gathered Together by Spring - 9:02
  3. A Fae Story - 6:31
  4. Born With Wings - 7:49
  5. The Age of Daryil - 8:37
  6. The Murder Game - 9:57

J. P. Morris (DOUG The Eagle)