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Project Retake

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
DOUG The Eagle

Release Year: 2014

Date Label Catalog # Comments
06 May 2014 Digital.

This release is a collection of re-recorded tracks from DOUG The Eagle's first 4 albums.

DOUG The Eagle writes:

This album was put out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DOUG the Eagle.

It contains a selection of my favourite tracks from the first four albums which have been carefully rerecorded using the 24-track facilities I could only dream of when the first album was produced. So, same songs, but with better technology, 10 years more experience and far, far less autotune.

Like many artists revisiting older works, I have succumbed to the temptation to make changes, but at the same time I've been bitten myself by artists meddling with things they should probably have left alone. Of the songs I have rerecorded, the one most affected was 'Return to Babel', with an extended intro that I had been thinking of using if it was ever performed live (not so far!). I also used a digital freeze pedal on most of the vocals - which is how I would have done it on the 2004 recording if I'd had that capability then.

Personally I think it draws about the right balance between changing things that needed changing, and staying true to the original. (And yes, all those weird and wonderful background noises and samples were transferred unaltered from the original 8-track tape).

The CD booklet can be found here:

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  1. Quest for the Sacred Jaguar - 12:25
  2. Return to Babel - 4:08
  3. Young Human - 4:24
  4. Borderline - 7:42
  5. Crystaltopia - 3:42
  6. Vampires in reverse - 4:15
  7. The Shadow over Merthyr - 5:53
  8. What did Daniel think he was? - 5:35
  9. Black Mass in B Minor - 1:00
  10. ZooCity (remix) - 4:04

J. P. Morris (DOUG The Eagle)