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The Heresiarch's Breakfast

a Studio release
DOUG The Eagle

Release Year: 2017

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05 Mar 2017 Digital

Doug the Eagle writes:

In some ways this is part 2 of 'Evil Songs for Evil People', the studio hasn't changed radically since that album. Upgrades that have been made included a better mixing desk, as well as adding 24 channels of noise gating and replacing the multitrack's horrible potted output drivers with upgraded ones from Brian Roth, all of which have helped reduce the noise problems that plagued the start of 'Red Queen Rising' on the last album.

'The Heresiarch's Breakfast' has for a long time been the working title for the next album, at least as far back as 'The Mythical Creatures Exhibition' so in some ways it's kind of cool to finally use that title for real. 

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  1. Little Big Cat - 6:21
  2. Born Without Wings - 8:13
  3. The Heresiarch's Breakfast - 9:19
  4. Transfinite State Machine - 6:01
  5. Prodigal Son - 6:01
  6. An Angry God (Tears of Joy) - 9:48

J. P. Morris (DOUG The Eagle)