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Behind Our Eyes

a Live release

Release Year: 2015

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01 Apr 2015

Recorded live throughout 2013 and 2014.
Multitrack recording engineered and mixed by Dean Bennison
Mastered by Douglas Skene.

Cover art by Tim Neill

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  1. Partitionists (8:35)
  2. And I Wait For My World To End (4:38)
  3. Dead Trees (7:17)
  4. Hitchhiking To Byzantium (9:34)
  5. Archway Of Tears (6:11)
  6. The Doctor (4:40)
  7. All That Is... (10:31)
  8. Silent Wandering Ghosts (9:09)

Robert James Moulding

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

David Eaton

Keyboards, Vocals

Douglas Skene

Guitars, Vocals

Dean Bennison

Guitars, Vocals

Anthony Stewart

Bass, Vocals

Steven Eaton

Drums, Percussion