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Just Lunatics

a Studio release
Lunar Cape

Release Year: 2015

Date Label Catalog # Comments
31 Dec 2015 Bright Recording Studio CD, Digital Download

Sound engineers: Nikolay Vengrzhanovitch, Anna Toporova
Mixed by Paul Bulak (SadFat), Anna Toporova
Mastered by Spartak Bourangoulov 

Added To Proggnosis Database on: 3/13/2017 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/17/2017 2:07:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Pink Slippers - 5:44
  2. ?arré - 4:51
  3. Motorbike - 5:21
  4. Chinese Road - 3:52
  5. Cat Bite - 6:38
  6. Dudki - 1:43
  7. Mouse Dirigible - 5:19
  8. Southern Harbor - 5:47
  9. The Realm of Sleep - 5:51
  10. Cats The Captains - 3:18
  11. Blizzard - 6:59

Nikolay Petrovsky (Electro-Nick)
guitar, harmonica, alto recorder

Olga Scotland
flute, mandolin, alto recorder, sopranino recorder

Paul Bulak (SadFat)
keyboards, guitar, sound effects

Andrey Shashkov
bass guitar, bass recorder

Mikhail Zolotarev


Ilya Myasin: soprano recorder (6)

Reviewed by Marc on 17 Mar 2017

Just Lunatics by Russian band Lunar Cape begins with the excellent track ''Pink Slippers'' that, because it features flute and mandolin, certainly has an unplugged Jethro Tull feel to it. The Jethro Tull reference is present a few other times, for example with the Blues Rock ''Cat Bite''. Another band that pops in is Camel (circa Moonmadness) with the spacey ''Carré''. On other tracks Lunar Cape clearly moves into melodic Jazz Fusion, but this while almost always keeping some folklorish elements in the music. This quality is even more in evidence with tracks like ''Mouse Dirigible'' and ''Cats The Captains''. Surprisingly, considering that Just Lunatics is in good part melodic and acoustic, occasionally even some pretty heavy music (i.e. ''Southern Harbour'') can be heard.

All in all, even though Just Lunatics does feature a good varity of musical styles, the songs are mainly melodic and folklorish, but while always being spiced up by Fusion or Prog flavours, and by the presence of modern instruments.  In fact, Lunar Cape does manage to produce a consistent body of music, this in good part because of their strong musicianship and excellent compositions, but also with the constant use of woodwind instruments. Just Lunatics is an original and always interesting album that revisits traditionnal music is a modern way. Cool stuff indeed!!