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Carefully Kept Secrets

a Studio release
Deep Imagination

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
10 Mar 2017 BSC Music / Prudence / Rough Trade / Zebralution CD
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 3/10/2017 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 3/29/2018 1:26:00 PM by: Marc
  1. Carefully Kept Secrets
  2. Paradise In Space
  3. Wings To Fly
  4. Berfore Thousand Of Years
  5. Deeper Than Trance
  6. Dancing With Ghosts
  7. Awake From A Dream
  8. Paradise In Space (reprise)
  9. Underneath The Waves

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz


Ann Kareen Mainz: vocals
Günter Kaufmann: guitars
Byron Metcalf: percussion

Reviewed by Marc on 29 Mar 2018

Carefully Kept Secret is my first encounter with Thorsten Sudler-Mainz' solo project called Deep Imagination.

I would qualify his music as Ambient or even New Age, but with a Prog Rock edge mostly given by Gunter Kaufman's excellent guitar playing that owes a lot to Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. If I were to describe the music I hear on this album, I would make references to Pink Floyd's last album The Endless River, but while featuring some very nice female (mostly) vocals that are a mix of Enya and Jon Anderson.

Carefully Kept Secrets is certainly for fans of beautiful and peaceful music that one could easily listen to while meditating or doing yoga. This being said, there are some vituoso guitar parts spinkled all over this album, very well sustained by some spendid keyboards that should appeal to a large palette of music fans.

Carefully Kept Secrets may not interest those into the heavier side of Prog music, but if you enjoyed Endless River or the last two David Gilmour solo records, this album could very much be to your liking.