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Bloom Live

a Live release
Locanda Delle Fate

Release Year: 2013

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2011 AMS Records AMS225CD CD+DVD 15x25cm slipcase
Once available only as vinyl, “Live in Bloom” is here reissued on CD/DVD; the first 1000 copies come in a special lavish format, comprising a hard-cover mini-booklet inside a horizontal slipcase (15 x 25cm).
Compared to its previous release, this edition finally contains, both on the CD and the DVD, the entire Locanda delle Fate’s concert, which could not be included as a whole in the space of a single LP. The sound quality is excellent, and the visual part has been professionally recorded with a 4-cam system.
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  1. A volte un istante di quiete 
  2. Forse le lucciole non si amano più 
  3. Profumo di colla bianca 
  4. Sogno di Estunno 
  5. Sequenza circolare 
  6. La giostra 
  7. Cercando un nuovo confine 
  8. Vendesi saggezza

Leonardo Sasso

Luciano Boero
bass guitar

Giorgio Gardino

Massimo Brignolo

Oscar Mazzoglio
Maurizio Muha