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The Big Carrot (and misuse of it)

a Single or EP release
Orchestre Celesti

Release Year: 2017

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22 Jan 2017

To celebrate their 10th anniversary and the little place conquered over the years in prog world, Orchestre Celesti has released their 7th work - this approximately 30 minute long EP.

Orchestre Celesti writes:

For the first time all the tracks are completely new, composed and recorded one after the other in the course of 2016 especially for this album, without tapping into earlier ideas and drafts.

The result is very "acoustic", spontaneous, internally consistent.
Also the electronic components disappeared, and drums samples were rarely used, each single drums beats were composed to fit the song. Very few overdubs, few Moog, a lot of electric piano (main instrument with which the songs were composed) , psychedelic organ and sax-trumpet samples.

Last but not least, the main source of inspiration is the Canterbury Sound, which gives the whole album a jazz touch and creative freedom scarcely present in previous albums.


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  1. Bluff - 5:18
  2. The Storyboard of Dreams - 5:09
  3. Tired Catamaran - 6:06
  4. King Of Sand Dunes - 5:41
  5. The Big Carrot - 7:38

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