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A Beginners' Guide: Volume II

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Djam Karet

Release Year: 2002

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2002 HC Productions DKCD-004
All tracks written, recorded and performed by Djam Kaet 1989-2001 except:
"Techology & Industry" recorded by Jon P. Yarger
"Dedicated To K.C." written by Richard Pinhas
Produced by Bob Rosenthal, Michael Ostrich and Chuck Oken, Jr.
CD Layout and Design by Bob Rosenthal
NOTE: This album was reissued with different artwork as part of a limited 25th Anniversary Edition in 2009.
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  1. All Clear (8.31)
  2. Feast Of Ashes (10.46)
  3. New Light on the Dark Age (8.02)
  4. Shamen's Decent (7.13)
  5. Technology & Industry (5.51)
  6. The Hanging Tree (6.56)
  7. Dedicated To K.C. (8.43)
  8. Severed Moon (6.23)
  9. Stage Three (5.24)
  10. Burning The Hard City (12.07)
Gayle Ellett
Electric Seven and Six String Guitars, Taped Effects, Keyboards and Percussion

Mike Henderson

Electric and Acoustic Six and Twelve String Guitars, Effects and Keyboards

Chuck Oken, Jr.

Drums, Electronic Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizer Programming And Sequencing

Henry J. Osborne

Electric Bass, Bottled Bass, Keyboards and Percussion