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Release Year: 2016

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12 Nov 2016 Progressive Promotion Records PPREP001
Retrospective is pleased to present the brand new single "The End Of Their World". This song is the very first from an upcoming album, which is set to release in early 2017. 
The compilation consists also two live sessions, which were recorded in 2014 and two songs composed by Retrospective's guitarist Alan Szczepaniak.
Music by: Beata Lagoda, Jakub Roszak, Maciej Klimek, Lukasz Marszalek, Robert Kusik, Alan Szczepaniak 
All lyrics by: Jakub Roszak 
"The End Of Their World" recorded, mixed and mastered by Przemyslaw Nowak at Impressive-Art Studio 
Live sessions recorded by Tomasz Pawlowski 
"WindOpt" and "traManOpt" by Alan Szczepaniak 
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  1. The End Of Their World - 04:51
  2. Huge, Black Hole (Live session) - 03:12
  3. Lunch (Live session) - 07:44
  4. WindOpt - 10:08
  5. traManOpt - 07:34 

Jakub Roszak
lead vocals

Beata Lagoda
keyboards, backing vocals

Maciej Klimek

Alan Szczepaniak

Lukasz Marszalek

Robert Kusik