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Marbles in the Park [CD]

a Live release

Release Year: 2017

Date Label Catalog # Comments
20 Jan 2017 Available in 2CD set, DVD & Blu-ray.

The recordings on this release were taken from a performance at Port Zelande, The Netherlands in 2015.

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CD 1:

  1. The Invisible Man
  2. Marbles I
  3. Genie
  4. Fantastic Place
  5. The Only Unforgivable Thing
  6. Marbles II
  7. Ocean Cloud
  8. Marbles III
  9. The Damage

CD 2:

  1. Don't Hurt Yourself
  2. You're Gone
  3. Angelina
  4. Drilling Holes
  5. Marbles IV
  6. Neverland
  7. Out Of This World
  8. King
  9. Sounds That Can't Be Made

Steve Hogarth

Steven Rothery

Pete Trewavas

Mark Kelly

Ian Mosley

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